Tantus was founded on the belief that each person has the right to a healthy sex life. We believe that our products should be driven by passion and integrity, and inclusive to everybody.

The Acute Dildo

Everybody, Get Down with the Thickness

The Hero wields its super-power flawlessly. Which happens to be pure, brute force. Eliciting gratifying, muscle clenching orgasms every single time I use it, right on schedule. The Hero is like one of the pumped-up dudes you always see hanging around the gym. After skipping leg day for a whole month, you’ll find them standing in front of the mirror preening, downing protein shakes, and snapping selfies as they flex their biceps, veins popping out everywhere. Subtly is not in their lexicon, nor is it apart of theHero’s.

Good news, if you, too, have been on the hunt for the harder to come by dildo combination comprised of voluminous girth, blended with an approachable and unintimidating length, then Tantus’s Super Soft™ Hero may be just what you’ve been searching for.

As for this toy’s details, I wouldn’t call the Hero a wholly non-realistic dildo, but I also won’t tell you it is a hyper-detailed, realistic representation of a dick either. I consider the soft embossing of veins along the toy’s shaft, and the roughly defined frenulum, in addition to the testicles, to be the perfect melding of both, realistic and abstract approaches.

Lacking in any curvature, the Hero is essentially arrow-straight from top to bottom. Aside from the bulleted head tapering slightly nearer the tip, and again, flaring a little, just around the coronal rim. But, beyond that, this toy maintains the same diameter all the way up and down the shaft. All the way down to its faux, silicone scrotum.

Oh, and by the way, the Hero is poured in Tantus’s newest silicone recipe, the Super Soft™ formula. For those who still might be unfamiliar, it’s a just a squishier and plusher version of Tantus’s spectacularly unyielding, OG silicone formula.

The Super Soft™ formula creates a toy you can literally sink your fingertips in to. Personally, I think the softer shore pairs nicely, here, with the not-so-modest girth of the bulky Hero.

I feel I should further clarify to cut down on any confusion. Unlike Tantus’s O2™ Dual Density line of toys, which have a stiff inner core, the Super Soft™ toys keep up a single density, through and through.

I’m aware that not everyone cares about a toy’s aesthetics and technically speaking the color of a toy is irrelevant concerning a toy’s performance. Nevertheless, I’m of the mind that finding a sex toy that is pleasing to the eye is always a bonus. I can confirm the particular shade of green that my Hero comes in to be utterly divine. It’s called Peacock on the Tantus website and is an unusual, almost metallic shade of teal. It’s impressive.

The Hero also comes in a beautiful, pale pink and an online exclusive. A breathtaking cast of purple, dubbed Purple Rain. No doubt a moniker that almost certainly has to allude to this shade being Tantus’s ode to our beloved and now departed musical legend, Prince.