Bose Frames Vs Zungle – Design

Since the Bose Frames Alto and the ZUNGLE Viper are similar in appearance,
how about we start off with comparing designs? Let’s take a look!
Both ZUNGLE Viper and BOSE Frames are labeled “Audio Sunglasses” or “Audio Glasses” and look alike, but as a matter of fact, they have quite a few differences.

Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper – Front

When comparing Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper products, you can see that the
Bose Frames are more rectangular in shape than the ZUNGLE Viper.
Long story short, the Viper’s front design was inspired by the Oakley’s Frogskin. Our co-founders have always loved the Frogskin model and believe that its flawless design is close to being perfect.
Frankly speaking, the Oakley Frogskin also takes after Ray-ban’s Wayfarer.
Oh but the Frogskin has a sportier look.

As you can see, the Bose Frames definitely have a thicker upper line.
And their design is a bit more formal compared to ours.

Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper – Legs
Bose Frames legs are too thick and they look a bit off. (BULKY!)
The legs bulge out like a BIC lighter so it looks kind of funny.
Overall, the product doesn’t appear “balanced” because of its short legs.

Meanwhile, the ZUNGLE Viper has a smoother outer surface.
The Bluetooth speakers are built inside the inner part of each legs so not only is the product highly effective but also sleek in design.

That’s probably the reason why people won’t notice you’re wearing
“Audio Sunglasses” when you have the ZUNGLE Viper on.
To be honest with you all, the only thing I believe we’re lacking in is the back of the ear design. We had to include batteries there so there’s nothing we could do about that.

Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper – button

Can’t help but agree that Bose Frames have a cool button.
I believe their gold button is metal-plated while ours is plastic.
But hey, if that’s what you guys want,
how about we make ours in metal gold too, eh?

Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper – Logo

So ZUNGLE paid a lot of attention to our logo.
We placed our logo where sport sunglasses normally put them.
You probably noticed our logo lights up.
We thought of including LED because we wanted our users to be as hyped up as possible like when turning on a Macbook and the apple gets lit.
Hmmm going back to Bose, they put their logo at the very end of the legs.
I bet you couldn’t find it right away because of how small the logo is.
Which logo do you prefer?

Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper – Charging Port

Bose Frames have a magnetic charger that is easy to use.
We tried to implement that to our Viper but we couldn’t because it’s a lot more expensive. We have a charging port at the end of both legs.
Last year, we attempted to put the charging port in the middle of the legs.
However, we realized that there’ll be a higher risk when users sweat.
That’s the reason behind placing the charging port at the back of each leg!
We’re not trying to gain profit by selling chargers like Apple, so if you have any problems while using the chargers, let us know😉.

Bose Frames Vs Zungle Viper – Lenses

Bose Frames only have black lenses. Enough said.
On their official website, they say that their lenses have UVA / UVB 99% Protection.

ZUNGLE products come with Bonfire Mirror Lenses that are polarized AND interchangeable. You can purchase different color lenses and switch things up whenever you like. Also, the lenses are compatible to Oakley Frogskins.

Review by Chris

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