I waited a while to review this because I needed adequate time to decide if this was for me. This will probably use TMI but it’s a feminine product so I’ll try to keep it PC. Everyone is different but my experience has been great thus far.
When I first used it, it burned a bit…more like stung, but I read that this experience is completely normal and it should stop doing this by the 3rd wash or so, which was my experience. I was clearing up a yeast infection when I got it but the treatment didn’t exactly work so I got another about a month and some change later- at that time the burning came back when I used this product, so I figured there was some correlation with that. This helped with keeping the area clean and dry during that whole ordeal which probably helped me get rid of it faster. I personally use 2 pumps, as it seems to be enough for me.
I love that this product is vegan, it makes me want to stick with it more. I have a pretty good plant based lifestyle and health care regimen but we’re just funny down there. I’m going to try the one that adds a bit more moisture as this tends to dry me out a bit, but I just apply some coconut oil after. Then again that may have been due to the yeast idk. It’s certainly worth a try. Some ppl may not want to spend this much but for me this is the equivalent of one trip to the coffee shop for me and my kids. Hopefully my opinion is less ambiguous than my head is thinking and it’s understood that I like it

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