kGoal™ is the world’s smartest Kegel exerciser. It’s an interactive training system (device + free app) for women that offers a unique combination of guidance, tracking, biofeedback, and personalized workouts. Whether you’re just discovering your pelvic floor or a seasoned Kegel workout warrior, kGoal™ will help you get the most out of your exercise.

Why is Pelvic Floor Exercise Important?
The pelvic floor is a network of muscles at the base of the abdomen that plays a crucial role in many many aspects of healthy living. Whether you’re recovering after childbirth, a runner or other impact sport athlete, or just trying to set yourself up for healthy aging, pelvic floor exercise is a key part of the equation for:
– Improving Bladder Control
– Pre & Post Pregnancy Pelvic Health
– Core Strength
– Intimate Wellbeing

Who Should (or Shouldn’t) Use kGoal
kGoal & Pregnancy
We recommend talking to your doctor about when they recommend using kGoal during pregnancy and the postpartum recovery period. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using kGoal during the first trimester, after the bag of waters has opened, or for the first 6 weeks after delivery.

If you experience pain while using kGoal, please stop and consult with a medical professional. In particular, if you know that your pelvic floor muscles are already hypertonic or particularly tense, kGoal is probably not appropriate for you.

Material: 100% phthalate-free, body-safe Class VI silicone
Eco-friendly USB-rechargeable battery
Battery life is at least 2 hours (depending on usage configuration)
Charge time is 1.5 hours
Comes fully charged and includes USB charging cable
Splash-resistant for easy cleaning (we recommend disinfecting wipes or a washcloth with soap and water)
1-year manufacturer’s warranty
The Squeeze Pillow (the insertable part) has a maximum rigid diameter of 1.5 inches

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