I got shoes and outfit set from iHeartRaves and I wanted to share with you my impressions of this shop and the items I got, my honest review and tell you do I recommend this shop to you! So, let’s start from the very beginning – the offers they have on their webshop. iHeartRaves, as its name says itself, is a webshop where you can get rave clothing, EDM apparel, and festival fashion. Although I am not someone who goes to festivals and needs that kind of clothing, I couldn’t resist to try out this style and see if it fits me or if I can pull it off. When it comes to shipping, I got my package by DHL service for about three weeks, I think and since there were some holidays happening in the last weeks, that is totally okay and better than I expected. Keep reading to find out more about the quality of the items and to see how I actually look wearing festival clothing – top, bottoms, and shoes from iHeartRaves!

First of all – this amazing set of top and bottoms really surprised me positively! Why? I thought I wouldn’t look good in this since it seemed to be little see-through and I honestly don’t like see-through clothes. But, when it arrived and when I tried it on it made me feel super comfy and I figured out it’s not see-through at all because it has a lining underneath which is like a little mesh. As I already said, it’s super comfy and I like how the material is high quality and the combination of pink and white colours, too. One of the most fun parts about this set is that it’s glowing! Actually, lines on it are glowing because it’s electric reflective jogger set. I never thought I would like this so much but I feel it looks amazing! I got myself size M and it fits me perfectly which means the sizes on the webshop are precise and true. The material is 100% polyester both outside shell and inside lining. The cropped-up zipped jacket has an elastic at the bottom which you can adjust to fit you and the jogger set is made that way where the beginning of the pants meets the ending of the jacket which I really like.

These shoes are everything! I was really looking forward to getting these lovely shoes and when I finally got them, I was pleasantly surprised by how light they feel on the feet, you basically feel like you are wearing no shoes at all. They are so comfy! The shoes are a combination of black, white and a little pink colour and I really like how they fit well with the jogger set I showed you before. I think this model of shoes is really popular currently, they fit into the trend of huge shoes because of the thicker sole but they don’t look way to huge which is the reason why I got them. I don’t like the trend of really huge shoes with a way too thick soles, they just look unnecessarily huge… These ones are everything I wanted from my shoes for this Summer season to be! And if you mistake your size or don’t like what you get (which would be quite a surprise!) you can return the items within 30 days of placing your order. iHeartRaves is amazing!

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