So I’m going to be blogging about Recently I have become obsessed with fashion and all things wonderful! Well I’ve always been a complete girlie girl and I’ve always loved to shop online! I mean the prices are way better!

Let’s start with the bad stuff first, right?

So while I was in the process of wanting to buy from I wanted to read reviews and know more about their products since there description is really minimal. I couldn’t find any reviews or anything to tell me what anyone’s experiences were like this is actually what got me to write this blog post. So anyway I decided to email and honestly until today I haven’t gotten a reply. But that’s OK, I understand that the new collection was coming out and they were probably very busy but I think it’s pretty standard to have someone replying to their enquiries.

A few people encouraged me and they are truly the reason that I decided to purchase the bag I wanted from Those people include Tanisha Kriplani, Sana Hameed Baba and No Faux official! This was actually my favorite part of this whole process. I met the most amazing and helpful people! That’s what made everything worth it. In my search to find out more about I met wonderful very intelligent people. So I want to thank all of you for just being you and giving me the time of day! Lots of hugs from me!

So you are all dying to know about the bag not me being crazy mushy! I bought a No Faux – Candy Blue Micro Transparent Bag. I must say Sana Hameed Baba’s words were true, it is definitely high quality and very classy indeed. It is a tiny bit smaller than I expected it to be but I love it! It’s so STUNNING! It’s going to go perfect with the outfit I plan to wear it with. The bag is crafted beautifully. I must give it to No Faux Official it’s truly something else! I was so nervous to open the package when it got there! The wait was too much for me! I was in love with it the second I laid my eyes on it!

Shopping on was very simple and that’s one of the things I loved about shopping on But that isn’t even the best part! The best part is the super speedy delivery! Now I live in a country where everything takes two months to get here! Yes I’m serious, our post system sucks! I was expecting to get this bag in September! I mean I ordered this bag on Monday at around 12 PM and on Wednesday morning at 7AM they called to tell me the package is here! I mean that alone means I will shop on any time! So to OwnTheLooks, good job on the delivery skills!

As I said before, it’s really simple to use and you get an email every step of the way which is really good. Also I love emails so I got really happy seeing all the emails! Lol.

Something that was really different was the way it was packaged. I won’t lie I expected a box, especially since No Faux is known for their signature boxes. But I liked that is different and had a see through bag. It gave me a sneak before I even opened it and I loved that. Plus I think it’s a very pretty bag. I love that their quote is on there. Very original! I was disappointed that there was no thank you card but I did get a coupon in my inbox so I think definitely value their customers in that way! It’s a very generous and lovely thing to do!

Basically I absolutely loved shopping at! I was incredibly happy with what I got! I will definitely be shopping there again! I have two more items that I just have to have! And hopefully I will soon! currently has a fabulous new collection! I mean it’s to die for gorgeous! And it’s really affordable! Everyone should check out the new stuff! But of course I bought my bag on sale! Yay!!!!! Seriously though, the new collection is very fun and flirty!

Review by 1thebookishbaker

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