This is among the fastest growth tools I’ve used so far. I’ve got one tip, though: start it off on the “Slow” setting. I wouldn’t try kicking it into the highest gear right off the bat. You want the growth to be more natural and steady in that initial period.

Then once that seems to have reached its peak, switch it to either normal or fast. Keep an eye on it and make sure that the shift doesn’t cause any complications. It shouldn’t, but you never know with these tools.

Right now I’ve got my account on Turbo speed. That setting only comes with the premium plan that’s named after it. Again, I wouldn’t jump to this setting immediately. It’s better to shift gradually, so you can get the best and most organic results possible.

On a side note, I’m glad that SocialCaptain lets its users do this. Some of the other tools I’ve tried just have an on/off switch and a single growth speed. More options is always a plus.