If you’re a man, at some point in life you’ve dealt with that dreaded situation: sweat and funk “down there.”

There’s the moisture, odor, and worst of all, CHAFING.

Who hasn’t experienced that swampy Summer night where you hobbled around like a bow-legged cowboy just to keep yourself from rubbing on…yourself?

It can be especially bad if you’re an active guy, you live in a warmer climate, or during warmer months.

Chassis Premium Powder Review
Until recently, if you used anything down there, it was probably a standard talc powder—maybe a medicated powder or even just baby powder.

Talc absorbs moisture, but it can also turn into a sticky mess—like you’re making bread dough in your pants. Let alone the recent news about alleged health concerns with talc. Some of the powders also contain menthol, which can leave you feeling uncomfortably minty.

I’ve used medicated talc powder in the past. So when I heard about a new men’s powder option—Chassis Premium Powder—I was excited to try it.

Full disclosure, Chassis was kind enough to sponsor this review. But I’m genuinely a big believer in this product. I even turned down reviewing another competitive product since I think Chassis is a superior choice for men’s powders.

Chassis Premium Powder, Shower Primer, and Extreme Cream
Chassis: Man Care for “Down There”
Beyond being talc-free and menthol-free, here’s what attracted me to Chassis before I even tried it:

Unlike many men’s powders out there, Chassis Premium Powder was specifically developed for “down there.”

It’s not like the company had a powder and just re-packaged it as ball powder for the heck of it.

They actually started with a particular challenge (how to combat sweat, odor and chafing for men’s junk) and did 4 years of R&D to develop a formulation to specifically address it.

You can see the care they took with quality ingredients like:

Witch hazel—for skin conditioning and protection
Aloe vera—for its soothing and rejuvenating properties
Pumpkin seed extract—to help preserve your skin’s own natural oils
Hops extract—for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects
Baking soda—pharmaceutical-grade baking soda to help prevent odor, not just cover it up
Oat oil—for its soothing and skin nourishing qualities
Beeswax—for its ability to create a protective but breathable natural barrier for your skin
I know what you’re thinking:

With all those ingredients, it sounds like a spa treatment for my “boys.” But does it actually work?

I was determined to find out.

My Experience With Chassis Premium Powder
Scent and Initial Observations
Of course, the first thing you notice with most products like this is the scent. You wonder, am I going to smell like I’m wearing some medicated “old man salve”—or worse, like a baby?

With Chassis, I was pleasantly surprised that the smell was not overpowering and not at all medicinal. It has a light, fresh scent that I would describe as vaguely “barbershoppy.”

I was also relieved it didn’t smell like cheapo men’s cologne like so many men’s products these days.

The powder itself is very fine, which is good because you don’t want something coarse on your sensitive skin.

One other thing that’s unique about Chassis is “Hydro Shield” technology, which makes it hydrophobic, meaning it repels moisture. So even when it mixes with sweat, it doesn’t turn into a sticky mess—it actually stays in powder form. (Aaron Marino did a pretty cool demonstration in this video).

Applying The Product
After taking a shower, I let myself dry off for a bit while I brushed my teeth and combed my hair.

I shook some of the powder into my cupped hand, then I applied it on and underneath the target area.

To be honest, I’ve always been bad with my aim. So even though most of the powder reached its destination, the sink and my underwear looked a bit like I had been baking a cake. But I’ll get better with practice…

The Feel
I braced myself for the frigid, minty feeling I was used to with my previous powder.

I waited. But the chill didn’t come.

There was a barely noticeable coolness, but I didn’t have that sensation that an arctic wind was turning my man bits into snowballs.

Once I put on my pants, I just had a sense of feeling “put-together.” It sounds corny, but I felt an inner confidence radiating from down there. It was like that feeling when you just leave the barber, and everything is fresh and you look and feel your best.

At the end of the day—after sitting and walking around and sweating in my jeans—I re-evaluated the situation, and I still felt fresh and clean.

Putting Chassis to the Test
On the third day of using Chassis, I put it to the test by sitting on a stuffy 4-hour flight. My 6’ 6” frame was crammed into a window seat in coach, and I didn’t get a chance to get up even once. So I was basically stewing in my own sweat.

But even after a long flight and 2 hours of additional car travel, I still felt cool, dry and fresh down there.

Yes, But Do I Really Need Powder Down There?
If you’ve tried other powders in the past, by now you might be nodding your head and saying “yes, give me some of that.”

But if you’ve never explored the world of ball powder you may still be skeptical.

I get it. It’s not something guys really talk about. But as I was doing research for this article, I found that a lot more men use powders than you might imagine.

It’s really not so different than using deodorant in your armpits, or using a scented beard oil. This just happens to be a more intimate region. Which actually raises the stakes if you think about it.

Imagine if you were out barbecuing with your buddies all day, then you decide to hit the bars. Suddenly you meet a woman, and things start to progress. Maybe you even find yourself over at her apartment at the end of the night.

In the absence of being able to take an “emergency shower” you’d probably feel better knowing you’ve done all you can to combat sweat and odor down there.

Ok, But Is Chassis Expensive?
The other consideration is cost. Is this a luxury? Is it financially out of reach for the average man to have dry, cool, and nice-smelling man parts?

The answer is no.

Chassis costs around $18 a bottle. When I scoped out the Amazon reviews I saw a handful of guys complaining about the price since you only get 4 ounces.

But it turns out 4 ounces actually lasts quite awhile.

According to Chassis research data, a typical bottle lasts around 3-4 months. That works out to only about 15-20 cents per day.

So if you can afford to shower and put on deodorant and clean clothes every day, you can probably afford Chassis.

Note: Chassis also has a Shower Primer, which essentially helps condition the hair and skin in the shower, to help combat friction so you feel clean and smooth throughout the day. They also have an Extreme Cream when you need extra help for areas that are particularly chafed and irritated.

Again, if you’ve used other powders in the past, you probably don’t need convincing. You may already be ordering some Chassis for yourself.

But if you’re new to men’s powders, I hope you found this review of Chassis Premium Powder helpful as a starting point. Ultimately, you have to give it a try and see if it works for you. Because only you and your undercarriage can be the judge of that.

If you’re interested, you can get the full line of Chassis products on the Chassis website. You can also find Chassis on Amazon.

Review by Kyle Ingham

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