I am reviewing an incredible educational DVD today! It’s called Times Tales from Trigger Memory Systems. My kids- ages 5, 7, 9, and 10- watched it twice and now know Part 1 of the upper times tables! The way it works is this. There are stories for each equation (3×7, 8×4, 9×6, etc.) Each number 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is represented by a character.

A story is told about the two numbers (that the kids easily remember) that contains the two numbers being multiplied and the answer. Mrs. Week is number 7 and the chair is the number 4. Since she catches 2 boots and 8 trout, the answer is 28. The kids love this!

On the video, they see the stories in animation with colors and music. There is a lot of review in the forms of online quizzes and online flashcards. Then they get some more practice with the printables that are found on the included CD-Rom.

They have a Practice Test which uses the pictures for the numbers and a Final Test with just the numbers.

The Times Tales printables come in two sets. Those above are what you learn in Part 1. Then the higher numbers are taught in Part 2. Each Part is about 30 minutes long on the DVD.

I’m totally sold on this technique! It’s one of the hardest things in early math to master, and my kids are well on their way!

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(Disclosure: I received the Times Tales DVD and CD-Rom plus monetary compensation in exchange for this honest review.)


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