A company that we have turned to recently to help us achieve some of our goals is WODFitters. WODFitters is a company dedicated to providing athletes around the world with training and mobility tools, protective gear, apparel, and nearly anything you could think of that could help you in OR out of the gym! WODFitters was kind enough to send us out a pack of their mobility and fitness bands.

What do they offer?

As much as we’d love to continue talking about their impressive customer service, let’s get into some of the products they offer. The following is a list of categories, and what you may find in each of those on their website.

• Resistance Bands: Here they offer long fitness bands in a multitude of colors and resistances. They also offer a select set for women, as well as hip circles for proper leg day warm up or exercises. As if that wasn’t enough, they offer a “home gym” kit, complete with resistance tubes, handles, and ankle attachments that turn any door into the perfect set up for a home gym! You’ll also find men’s and women’s mini bands, resistance tubes with handles, physical therapy bands, and even floss bands to help with mobility.

• Mobility tools: In this section you’ll find more of their band selections, but also find lacrosse balls and peanut massage balls for deep tissue work, wooden slant boards for stretching the lower body, and trigger point and foam rollers designed to get those hard to reach knots.

• Protective Gear: The protective gear selection has some of the standards; wrist wraps, light weight lifting belts, and knee sleeves. Aside from that they offer hand grips for pull ups, wrist wraps for heavy pulls, and even offer kinesiology tape to help alleviate pain and swelling! The protective gear selection accommodates powerlifters, bodybuilders, Olympic lifting and CrossFit athletes alike!

• Apparel: The apparel selection at WODFitters is no joke either. You can find yourself a variety of different colored and designed leggings, tank tops, and sweaters to fit just about every size and shape! 

What do we think?

While we wish we could have tried just about everything that WODFitters has to offer, we are grateful that we were able to try their 5 pack of resistance bands. As a company full of employees who have used many resistance bands for various mobility and strength exercises in the past, we can safely say that this ranks up there with the best-of-the-best, at nearly a fraction of the cost. You can choose to buy a band individually OR in a 4 or 5 pack when selecting from their drop-down menu. Each band has all of the size and resistance info listed on their website. There, you can check out how much resistance your band is providing at the beginning and throughout your lift! Each band starts out at 41” but can be stretched to nearly double the length (at least in our test run!) The bands are perfect for using during bench press, dumbbell pressing and other upper body accessories. Although we recommend using 2 when squatting and performing other compound movements such as deadlifts, they make the perfect tool for adding resistance to other accessory lifts and even providing support. Using a band to help you with tricky pull ups or dips can help your body get a feel for the movement while reliving some of the weight. Most often we can efficiently perform exercises on machines or with free weights, but body weight exercises can prove to be most difficult (and most rewarding!). Let WODFitters fitness and mobility resistance bands help you to learn and perform those movements safely!


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