I loved it the moment I laid my head on it. I find I fall asleep much faster and don’t have to try and make my pillow comfortable. I had a guest come in to town and she used one. Her hand had been numb for months which usually means it’s your neck. After just one night her hand was no longer numb. She told me she snored really loud all night. She only quietly snored maybe twice in 5 weeks. She went home and now her hand in numb again and she is snoring really bad. I am going to buy her a pillow so she and her fiancee to sleep in peace without suffering. Thank you so much for your incredible workmanship. I get my new sheets Monday. I am so excited. They are the softest silliest sheets I have ever toughed. The pillow cases are a little large which is great for the pillows. I went with the soft and smooth white sheets. I was lucky because they only had 3 in stock in my size. If you chat with them on the website they will go out of their way for you. Ally is great at customer service. I also bought a set of pillows for my son and his girlfriend. I will never buy sheets or pillows from any place else. I love the Pillow Guy! Thank you for taking care of me

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