The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 offers many features normally associated with higher end luxury bidets, but offered at a much lower price.  This is a great option for those who want a lot of great features, but don’t want to spend the money normally required to get these features.


Using a dual nozzle setup, the Bio Bidet BB-600 offers both posterior or rear cleaning, and feminine or frontal cleaning.  Both of these washes use a separate nozzle, allowing Bio Bidet to design them uniquely for each particular wash.

While either of these wash cycles are in use, the operator can also choose additional wash settings to customize the wash to their liking.  The oscillating wash setting allows either of the two nozzles, to oscillate back and forth, offering a wide cleaning when needed.  The Bio Bidet BB-600 allows you to turn this setting on and off at will.  The second wash setting is the pulsating wash.  This wash setting adds a massage feel to the wash.

Each of the wash cycles run on the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 are aerated with Bio Bidet’s bubble infusion system.  This system aerates the water stream with small air bubbles to increase the comfort of each wash cycle, without degrading the quality of the wash.  The bubble infusion implemented in the Bio Bidet BB-600 makes it one of the most comforting washes available on the market today.

The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 also has a built in warm water tank.  This allows the Bio Bidet BB-600 to offer instant warm water when you need it.  The tank method also helps ensure consistency of temperature.  For these reasons, most people prefer the hot water tank method over the instant water heating method.  The amount of hot water stored for use by the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 is enough for a full wash cycle.  The only shortcoming with this warm water wash method is the fact that the warm water is limited.  If you’re interested in a bidet seat that offers the benefits of the heated tank system, but doesn’t have limited warm water, you’ll want to check out the one of a kind, patented, hybrid heating system offered on the Bio Bidet Bliss bidet seats.

On top of all of the great features listed above, the Bio Bidet BB-600 also offers some great comfort features.  The first of these features is the heated seat with adjustable temperature.  Many people turn it off in the summer, and then gradually turn it warmer as the fall turns into winter.  However you decide to use the seat warmer in the Bio Bidet BB-600 is up to you.

This isn’t the only comfort feature offered with the Bio Bidet BB 600.  The BB 600 also comes equipped with a powerful deodorizer, which eliminates the smell.  This deodorizer uses active carbon to absorb the odor, instead of masking it with a cent.  A small built in fan pulls the air through the deodorizer, and it comes out the other side odor free.

The Bio Bidet BB-600 also comes with a body sensor.  This sensor can detect if someone is sitting on the seat or not.  This comes in handy when you have guests over who might not know the wash cycle works.  If they get up before the wash cycle completes, the seat automatically turns off, to keep from making a mess, giving you additional peace of mind.


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