On a warm but fateful summer day, Cousin Matt was sitting lazily on a beach with our Uncle Van. As Uncle Van’s beautifully full push-broom mustache was gently wavering in the sea breeze, they began complaining about the warm beer simmering in their ‘red party cups’. There are few things that can kill your mood on a relaxing, warm summer day, but the taste of piping hot suds is surely one of them.

As they pondered the depth of their predicament, a serious brainstorm began regarding solutions that would allow you to enjoy the cool refreshing taste of carbonated joy in a way that didn’t require you to slam the beer in 3 minutes or less…as much as you try, you just can’t slam them all.

It was at that very moment that a golden light flashed above Cousin Matt’s head as if Zeus himself had sent a bolt of lightening from the heavens above; “what if we could leave the beer in the bottle and put the bottle in something that would keep it cold, like one of those stainless steel water bottles?” and BAM!, BottleKeeper was born.

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