Where do you go when you want to buy, say, a simulator or a launch monitor online? Chances are, if you fire up Google and do a search for your preferred product, you’ll see Rain or Shine Golf in the first page of results.

And if you haven’t shopped for said product in the past three years, you likely have no idea what Shawn Foley’s (no, not Sean Foley) business is. That’s because Foley, a former Division I golfer, didn’t launch his ecommerce golf business until August of 2016…and it’s been massively successful.

As the name suggests, Rain or Shine Golf specializes in every variety of indoor golf product: mats, nets, simulators, GPS watches, rangefinders, launch monitors, putting greens, putting aids, analyzers, etc.
As a Wisconsin native, Foley became accustomed to an environment in which he could only play golf three or four months per year. He was introduced to indoor golf products when his father, a scratch golfer himself, bought the family an indoor putting green.

Rain or Shine Golf not only provides competitive pricing on golf simulator packages, golf nets, mats, rangefinders and more, but they also provide an option to make monthly payments on these purchases.

By the time you combine all of the costs together for your golf simulator build, you can expect to spend around $5,000-$7,000 for a quality home built golf simulator that will bring a great deal of fund and potential game improvement opportunities. Currently for orders between $799-$9,999 they are offering a 9.99% APR. They are at a 0% APR for purchases under $799.

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