Launched in 2017, Yumi (HelloYumi, Yumi Baby Food) is a Los Angeles-based baby food delivery service that offers organic blends crafted by an experienced team of pediatricians, nutritionists, and professional chefs. The service is designed to help you provide just the right food to your baby at just the right time, gradually introducing your little one to more than 80 flavorful ingredients that support healthy development.
Say buh-bye to meal planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning and worrying!

Research shows that a baby’s first 1,000 days of life are the most important in their life for nutrition and development. They need more than just apple sauce (the most common ingredient among popular baby food brands). Yumi works with nutritionists and doctors to ensure that each meal supports development and is high in at least 10 micronutrients.

Studies show that taste preferences are largely set by age 3. Expose your lil’ one’s tastebuds to more than 60 flavors with Yumi. The service’s rotating menu uses over 80 premium ingredients like pitaya, kale, turmeric, Japanese sweet potatoes and coconut milk.

For instance, at age 6 months, a baby’s iron stores are naturally depleted.
During that time, Yumi will pack your delivery with foods rich in iron, which is key to brain development.

As of this moment, Yumi delivers the food, in weekly installments, to most western states as well as the tri-state area surrounding New York City. 

Final Recommendation
Whether you have an infant just starting solids with purées or a toddler refusing to eat his veggies, there’s a company that caters to your tot’s developing palate.
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You always have the option to edit your meals every week. Skip, cancel anytime. You’ll save hours every week, meaning more quality time for baby and you.
Also, You get a nutrition coach, who can help you with all your baby food questions and beyond.

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Review by Cristina Velocci