Helios Touch is a modular wall light that uses moveable hexagon panels to design a unique artwork. Turn the interior architecture of any space into the light source, swipe the wall and illuminate the path of your hand as it swipes across the surface. Match the mood by illuminating only the areas you touch.

How do you quickly change the mood in your kitchen when having a romantic dinner? And make an impression at the same time? Well, let me introduce you to these beautiful modular lights made and designed by Helios Touch.

These modular lights are absolutely amazing! Their ability to change and impact your mood or the mood of the entire space in just a touch (or soft swipe of hand) is really incredible. These are the Helios Touch Lights. Let me tell you ALL about them!


What are Helios Touch Lights?

The first thing you see when you visit their website is what I believe to be the best description of what these hexagon wall are; “The world’s first modular touch wall lighting”.

These modular touch lights is not something you can read about. These lights are something you have to experience.


Currently, Helios Touch lights come in two different tones of color in two different light collections;

  1. Warm White Collection
  2. Cool White Collection

How do Helios Touch lights work?

Without going into all the technical and engineering details, the important thing for us as consumers to know, are these modular tile lights are extremely easy to set up, mount, and getting them to work.

Are Helios Touch lights waterproof?

They are not! So please don’t plan to use these modular lighting tiles outdoors or in a place where there will be moisture or any sign of humidity or water.

Can I use Helios Touch lights in my kitchen?

Of course you can. But just remember the question above about waterproof. I would not recommend placing these lights for instance close to the sink or even the fridge for that matter. Any exposure to moisture or water can damage these lights… if that happens, that will change your ‘mood’ in a completely different way!

Most kitchens will have a good amount of natural light coming in, so you will want to plan this properly. Think about the following; how often past dusk are you or your family members in the kitchen area? Are your children doing homework after hours for example? Some kitchens have a desk or work area to go through the mail or work on the monthly bills. This might be a good place for them.

Can I stick these modular lights in the kitchen ceiling?

No, based on my research, I would definitely not recommend you mount these on your kitchen ceiling unless you have experience with and build a solid clamping system that will not only hold these hexagonal magnetic tiles in place, but also (and more importantly) prevent them from ever falling down on someone’s head – that would not be good.

How does modular touch wall lighting stick?

Helios Touch itself sells these cool gel mounting pads. Think of them as a cushion, where one side sticks to the wall and the other holds the hexagon tile in place.

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