There are some things that the Desire Map planner by Danielle LaPorte does better than any other one out there! Let’s start with the good stuff. I happen to be a sucker for a gray and gold color scheme, so the clean and minimal cover with gold foil letters is perfect for me. You’ll notice it has an elastic strap that goes around the outside edge to keep it closed as well. Unlike a lot of elastics, it is strong and actually tight enough to keep the planner closed. Yay! When I cracked the cover, I loved the tear off corners I noticed on the bottom. It’s an awesome subtle way to make sure you know what page you’re on. There are also colored indented tabs for each of the months. The indented tab takes you right to the monthly overview page and the weekly pages follow that.

I also love the way Danielle encourages goal setting based on how you want to feel she calls these your “core desired feelings.” She encourages you to write these down not only in the yearly section, but in each month and week as well! Talk about repetition.

After that, you get your yearly overview pages for both 2018 and 2019. I love these mini calendars as a wedding photographer. I mark off my weddings as I book them and it makes it super fast for me to check what dates I’m booked when I get an inquiry email. I often book weddings a year out, so having the 2019 section is a must!


After the yearly pages, you get right to the monthly spread for January. Each month has a color that shows up in the tabs, and some subtle shading and text throughout the month page. There is also a list of fun and inspirational words down the left-hand side of the monthly layout. I love how subtle the use of color is. I’m a huge fan of colors in my planner to make me feel happy when I open the pages, but some planners overdo it or go way too girly with it. I think this is the perfect balance of minimal, modern, and still colorful! The weekly layout continues the clean, minimal, look, and is laid out horizontally with a to-do list marked on the right hand side. It’s pretty subtle, so if you wanted to doodle over the whole space you could!! Like other horizontal layouts, the Saturday and Sunday boxes split the same space that one of the weekdays take up, so if you have a busy weekend schedule, it can be hard to fit the information in.

After the weekly sections for each month are done (no dailies, sorry everyone) there’s a monthly goal check-in like the Passion Planner! I think this is amazing to make sure you stay on track with how your “core desired feelings” are progressing, and I love that there is a section included for gratitude and areas for improvement as well.

That’s the planner in a nutshell. The part about this system that’s really special is the whole system that Danielle LaPorte has created around the Desire Map book. There’s the book itself, a workbook that accompanies the book, the planner, and also an iPad/phone app. It’s a really unique system and if everything is as well put together as the planner, it could be an amazing solution for goals and productivity in your life.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read through our review! If you’d like to try out the Desire Map planner for yourself, please use the affiliate links below so we know we helped you find an amazing planner!

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