Vogmask Review For Pollution And Allergies (Plus Head Strap)
In this article we’ll discuss Vogmask face masks and their appearance, construction, and performance over a period of time. I’ll share my Vogmask review for allergies and pollution in an effort to help other people who many have the same questions I had. If you’re contemplating a Vogmask purchase, this review should provide unbiased information to make your decision easier.

There are a number of masks that meet this criteria, but few actually put forth the effort to make their masks look nice. While searching the internet I found Vogmask. I immediately liked their designs which looked perfect for wearing in the city.

The Vogmask Company
Since their early days Vogmask has grown by leaps and bounds. The company now sells allergy and pollution masks in over 41 countries and use a microfiber fabric that filters out 99 percent of particulate matter. They also sew into the fabric a carbon filter that captures chemicals and oil-based pollutants from the air (perfect for city pollution).

Can you guess their number one country of business? Yep, it’s China. If a face mask is selling well in China, a place with the most polluted air on Earth, then you can bet it performs.

These days, Vogmask can be found all over the world. If you see a stylish allergy face mask then chances are it’s Vogmask!

An important note is that the most important aspect of an allergy mask is how it works. If it doesn’t do its job then the appearance doesn’t matter.

With that said, the appearance of an allergy face mask is important. If you’re using a mask in the yard, the look of a mask won’t be a deal-breaker. If you’re using in the house it won’t be a big deal either.

However if you’re like me and wear the face mask while walking to work or to the train, the appearance will matter. The last thing you want is to look like a character from Batman, or like a criminal who’s trying to hide their face. A colorful, stylish mask can help “normalize” your appearance or bring a smile to passers by.

A number of times I’ve received comments on my mask asking “that’s a cool mask, where did you get it”. I’ve also had strange looks when wearing the dark colored masks (yes, I think people were skeptical of me).

Thankfully Vogmask comes in several styles. There are plenty of options for men, women, and children. They even have organic options for people who want their mask made with the environment in mind.

Vogmask gets an A for appearance!

Vogmask Construction (weight, material) vogmask face mask for pollution
So far I’ve used 3 Vogmasks. 2 are single valve and 1 was double valve.

The Vogmask Organic N99CV2 (2 valve) mask was slightly heavier than the single valve Vogmasks. I believe the difference in weight is due to the material used (Organic mask seemed like a thicker fabric). I haven’t noticed a big difference in performance.

There are 2 ear straps that go around the ears. I find them to be comfortable although I’ve read other reviews stating the ear straps can be too tight or too loose. In my opinion this could be due to improper sizing by the buyer.

I’m a tall guy, however I have a smaller size face. The large mask fits me well but the medium might be a better fit and more snug. I like that the mask is constructed so there is space between the mouth and fabric which allows me to talk if needed (space between my face and the fabric).


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