For the majority of students—we don’t like paying hundreds of hard-earned dollars for a book which we’ll only end up reading and using for a few months. Of course, there’s always the option of buying them used. It works, it can save you a lot of money but at the end of the course, you’re still stuck with it.

The good news is that there are many options available nowadays when it comes to getting your hands on textbooks, including rentals which we’ll be focusing on in this article, like Valore Books—one of the major textbook rental companies currently out there on the web.


Unlike other competitors out there, they’re also able to keep overhead costs low due to the fact that they don’t house the textbooks themselves…which equates to cheaper books and greater savings for you!

How to Rent a Textbook from ValoreBooks?

You might be inclined to think that textbook rental is a hassle, but it really isn’t.

1) Go to

2) Simply enter its title, ISBN or author into the search bar after clicking into “Rent Textbooks” from the main page.
3) Click the title of the book, and you’ll be brought to a page with more details including it’s rental and purchasing fees
(notice how the rental prices are much lower)
4)Choose your rental period and press the purple “Rent Now” button.
5)After placing it into your shopping cart, you can either check out or go back to add more textbooks
Just remember to double-check you’ve inputted the correct shipping address!
You wouldn’t want your books arriving at your neighbor’s house, right?

How to Return ?

1)login to your Valore Books account and head on to the returns page by clicking “Return Rental”
2)Afterward, choose the book that you’d like to send back and click the return option.
3)Upon clicking return, you should be presented with a prepaid shipping label (yes, returning the book is FREE)
4)Now all you have to do is print it, stick it on the outside of the box in which you’ll place your book in, place the provided packaging slip inside said box and drop it off at your local shipping carrier!

Sometimes we end up wanting to keep the things that we rent, and with Valore Books- you can! If you want to purchase your rental, you can do so easily by clicking on the “Purchase Rental” button anytime during the rental period in your account. Similarly, if you’d like to extend the rental period, you can also do so by clicking the respective “Extend Rental” button after choosing the length of the extension.

Competitive Pricing

Dedicated to offering their customers the lowest prices, another amazing thing about Valore Books is their price-match policy. If you ever see the textbook that you need to be priced lower than what they have on another site or retailer-they will match it for you, no questions asked. What if you noticed the book was available for rental at a lower price after you’ve already paid and received it? No problem! Valore Books will refund you the difference in price within seven days after your rental. In this way, their prices are truly unbeatable!

Return Policy

If at any time you’re not satisfied with your textbook rental, you can return it back to the company within 30 days for a hassle-free, full refund.
Valore Books will make sure that your funds are returned back to you within 5 business days after it has been confirmed to arrive back at the sellers. To make things easier for you, you will also receive an email notification when your refund has been processed.

Customer Service and Support Team

If you want to get your questions answered fast, then you can take advantage of their live support chat.
The good thing about this option is that they’ll be able to tackle your inquiries and issues as soon as you send them a message! If you don’t see the chatbox on your screen, then you may have reached them outside their office hours (9 am to 5 pm)
Alternatively, if you’re not in too much of a rush, you can also reach Valore Books by submitting a ticket. Simply fill out a short form including information about your inquiry and they will get back to you within 2 business days (don’t forget to include your email address so they know how to reach you!). You can also attach images to the ticket to help get your message across!

Review by Brooke Carter
Photo by
Jaredd Craig and Josh Felise

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