Saveur Bière is animated by une 16 people working everyday to give the best advice to customers. As the n1 online beer distributor in France, they offer a wide range of quality products at the best price. Of course they don’t spend our days drinking pints. There is their buyer, who spends his days seeking for the best products; the web developer, who is working hard to make your visit on website as pleasant as possible; their sale representatives, who are here to guide you; the customer service, to answer your questions; the logistics team, preparing your order with love… And of course there is you, who’s now been making this adventure possible for 8 years.

More than 2500 products, from hops to glassware
Emphasis on craft breweries.
New products and good deals every week. An efficient logistics team, so you can get your order quickly.
Reactivity concerning your queries and availability, by e-mail or on the phone. Every challenge is an opportunity. Constant search for new products, projects, to offer you the most adapted offer.

Their beers are separately placed in reinforced boxes to avoid any breakage. Their boxes can contain up to 24 bottles, placed vertically for more safety.

All their boxes are optimised so they can contain up to 3 kegs. They also use an eco-friendly milling system to recycle cardboard boxes and protect kegs.

An okay website with a huge selection of beers from many different countries including a nice selction of Canadian beers, which are hard to come by in Europe. Unfortunately some of the hoppier beers were old, which I guess is what happens with such a big selection. The packaging could have been better, but nothing broke. A week after the two boxes I had ordered arrived I received another box by mistake, which is a bit worrying, as that means somebody else is missing a package. I of course contacted customer service, and of course they let me keep the package for free.


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