A super fun Rock Your Hair review for y’all today! Based in Malibu, California, Rock Your Hair is the latest big thing in the world of professional hair care. Designed by the founder of Big Sexy Hair, LA celebrity stylist Michael O’Rourke, Rock Your Hair delivers big volume and endless styling capabilities combining ingredient technologies that protect and repair hair from damage brought on by flat irons and chemical processes. All products are sulfate and paraben free and safe for all hair types.

I was super excited to review this line of products. When they showed up at my door, I let out a a giant squeel! Pink, animal print and the claim to give you big hair? It was a match made in hair heaven. This Jersey girl loves her some big hair! I have had the pleasure of trying everything out and I am beyond impressed, to say the least.

The whole line is full of so many things to try, each with their own great qualities. Imagine what can happen when you combine the talents of a celebrated, world-renowned artist, the #1 color in fashion, eye-catching packaging, and award-winning education?

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo & Conditioner – $17.00 Each – The shampoo and conditioner smell absolutely to die for, that was absolutely my favorite part of the pair! They’re both sulfate and paraben free so they provide extra volume without fading your color or weighing your hair down. I used these on their own without any other styling products so that I could see what kind of volume I could get with it. I have to say, it does a pretty great job of leaving you with high volume on it’s own. I usually have fine hair that seriously lacks volume so when something that can give it that boost, it’s welcomed.

Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner – $20.00 – This is a tangle tamer for all hair types, enriched with soy, wheat and oat proteins to reinforce hair from shaft to ends. This little bottle of love was really fun to try it out, smelled amazing like the shampoo and conditioner. It worked well to get all the tangles out of my super fine hair, and did so with care. No tearing or pulling on the ends.

Bombshell Big Hair Powder – $17.00 – This lightweight formula gives you fuller thicker hair. It’s like a backcomb in a bottle! I have been using this every time I wear my hair down and I am la la loving it! Seriously, guys… this stuff rocks! You just sprinkle a little hair, smooth it in with your fingers and it’s instant volume. I still have to ‘tease’ my hair a bit but certainly not as much as I do without the powder.

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray – $22.00 
Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift – $20.00 – These two products have seriously brought me so much joy, for real! I use the spray mousse root lift when my hair is wet and the hairspray on dry hair and they are the best of the best when it comes to volume! No flakiness or stiffness. You get a natural style from both!

The review from: http://www.hairsprayandhighheels.net/2013/07/rock-your-hair-review/

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