I’ve used Q-See for quite a few years now and haven’t had a serious enough issue to risk trying any other brands. I continue to be a repeat customer for many reasons, which are outlined below.

  • Nice 4MP pictures with the ability to zoom in and read a license plate about 40 – 50 feet away! (Note: license plates can not be read at night while the night vision is active on ANY security system due to the reflective nature of license plates)
  • Cameras are very high-quality pieces of hardware, and Q-See continues to show they are learning from past mistakes. They no longer use tiny screws that strip the first time you try to tighten the camera! They also got rid of the tiny Allen wrench screws. It’s now 1 big screw to tighten the whole camera up, instead of 2 (sometimes 3) like in the past! All very welcome improvements!
  • Metal cameras, not cheap easily breakable plastic.
  • LED’s for night vision have been upgraded to the new version. They use 20 feet to the night vision distance (100 feet instead of 80 feet)! You can clearly tell the images are brighter at night, no question about that! Q-See is showing that they keep up with new technology and take advantage of it, which says a lot about them.
  • Cables run securely through the mounting bracket, keeping them completely hidden & safe from getting cut if installed properly.
  • Included BNC cables are good quality, not super thin & fragile like some I’ve bought off Amazon before.
  • DVR is also a high-quality piece of hardware. It’s in an all-metal enclosure, unlike my last DVR from this company that was mostly plastic. It comes with a nice remote and has some physical buttons on the unit itself.
  • Supports 1 PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera, but isn’t really necessary if you place the 8 cameras strategically.
  • Supports 1 external microphone. Not sure if the DVR is capable of actually recording audio, or if it’s meant for live listening only.
  • QC View mobile app has almost every feature and setting available at your fingertips! You can change settings, playback footage, and of course live view the feeds. I’ve used this app for years, it’s the same one my old system used as well. It’s fairly reliable. They always seem to be on top of updating the app, usually, there’s an update a few weeks after every major iOS update or new iPhone release.

  • HDD included in my system was a Seagate! I refuse to ever use Seagate in any of my computers, definitely not trusting it in my security system! Was immediately swapped out with a Western Digital Purple (surveillance rated) HDD before even turning the DVR on for the first time. This was a surprise to me, as all my other Q-See systems have come with Western Digital Purple HDD installed.
  • Night vision clarity isn’t much better than my old 1080P system. The images are brighter thanks to the new LED’s in the cameras, but overall clarity barely improved. It did improve slightly though. There seems to be more noise in the images. I expected this based on prior research of 4MP and higher security camera systems, so I’m not lowering my rating because of it. It seems that higher resolution cameras always have more noise at night, regardless of which brand you choose.
  • QC View mobile app dooesn’t support push notifications for motion alerts like other brands do. I know Q-See offers this for their NVR IP camera systems, but there’s no reason they can’t do it for the Analog HD systems as well. My assumption is they are keeping that a feature of the NVR IP camera systems on purpose to push people towards buying those newer more expensive systems. This isn’t a huge deal to me, but worth noting for others thinking of buying this system.

Review by Chris

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