Some doubts about What can fix my back ..?
I had been thinking about purchasing a new mattress for a while now. But I’m a cheap tightwad. So each time I would get to look, I’d change my mind and say “I have something to sleep on, no need spending money I don’t have on something I already have.” But the mattress I had been sleeping on for the 3 years I have been in this location hurt my back. And I’m very top-heavy so it would kinda sink in at the heaviest part of me and I’d feel like I was sleeping downhill headfirst. Just all uncomfortable all the way around.
So this time I got to thinking about it and searching, I came across Nest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress.
Before I knew it I had it in the cart and checked out.

Done it completely on impulse before I changed my mind. Then I went to worrying and reading more reviews about people saying it was uncomfortable, and getting the run around upon trying to return it. But excited, nevertheless, to receive my new mattress.



So the big day comes, I’m at my hair appointment, head full of foils when I get the alert that it has been delivered.
I’m getting antsy and impatient ready to get to the house to get it safely inside before I go to work.
Lol, so I get home, drag the box in, move the old mattress and get to work unboxing it.
I’ve never opened a bed in the box before and when I laid it across my bed frame I’m disappointed and thinking the mattress was the wrong size.
But when I finally got the plastic off and it started unfolding itself I seen the truth. How they get such a big mattress folded into such a small package I’ll never know. But I just laughed at myself.
So the moment of truth will it support my weight and be comfy at the same time.
I lay on it and all I can say is I wanted to call in to work and just lay on my bed all night, but I still have to pay for it so I hurry out the door to work.
Anxious to get home and go to sleep!
Comfort – 5 stars from this Mississippi girl!

I’m here to tell you that my first sleep on this mattress blew me away. It was so comfortable.
I don’t remember tossing and turning as much as I usually do and the best part of all… I woke up with virtually no back pain.
So many times on my old mattress. And by so many times I mean every day, I wake up and can’t sleep as long as I’d like due to back pain.
I get up and hobble into the front of the house like I’m 74 years old. And I’m only 32!!!! But upon waking from my first sleep on this mattress,
I woke up pain-free and walking to the front like any young spry 32 years old should!
Lol, why anyone would even consider sending this mattress back is beyond me. I love it and will recommend it over any high-end mattress to anyone out there.

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Review by Shannon of Olive Branch, MS
Photo by Mike Marquez , Toa Heftiba