The LashLiner System is a patent-pending magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system that lets you have beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily and painlessly.

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve seen magnetic eyelashes already.” I can assure you that this is not the same thing!

The LashLiner System is not a pair of magnetic lashes hanging from your natural lashes. The LashLiner System is a magnetic EYELINER and lash combination that is easy to apply and keeps them in place all day and night long.
Goodbye Frustration.
Hello Beautiful Eyes!
The most frustrating and time-consuming part of putting on makeup, by far, is applying false eyelashes. Traditional false eyelashes are applied with glue. This glue is difficult to apply and gets where you don’t want it to. It’s not uncommon to glue your eyelids shut! It often ends in failure, at which point you need to clean off all the glue from your eyes and lashes and start over again.

Men, if you’re wondering why your lady is late for your date, it’s because she’s fighting with her glued-on eyelashes!

There are newer magnetic lashes but they simply don’t work! They get terrible reviews and 1 to 2 star ratings. They are nearly impossible to put on, stick out, weigh down your lashes, can pull out your natural lashes and can pinch your skin.

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