Kate backdrop is named after the founder’s wife. He deeply loves his wife and art of photography, so he combined the most important 2 things of his life and created Kate backdrop. On Oct 15th, the founder married his beloved wife. In order to commemorate the day and thank all customers’ long-time support and love, he made it Kate Day—the brand day of Kate backdrop. It is also a Kate backdrop family day! Every one of you is a member of our family!

Our team not only has excellent photographers, outstanding designers, professional technicians, but also excellent marketing staff who have been working in photography for a long time, as well as our large logistics team. They are all core contributors to the Kate family.

Our initial background material was vinyl. After a long investigation of the photographer, customers often reflected some shortcomings of this material, such as large storage space, not washing, not lasting, or even terrible folding. mark. After several years of development, time and again mediation and testing, samples of new materials were sent to customers for testing, and the quality was unanimously recognized by professional photographers.

I want to thank all the photographers and all the staff who worked hard for our Kate background. Photography is great, it is a more profound art. I believe that all of you will go further and further on this road. I hope that every photographer will have a better quality of life while pursuing their art.

Now we have a lot of excellent photography and popular background products, beach background, forest background, the background of the four seasons of spring, summer and autumn, birthday background, party background, and custom background.
Choosing Kate’s photographic background, we will provide you with the highest quality service, high-quality products, exciting prices, and private custom background services.

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