Unlike many other cases that are designed to protect or charge a device, the iOgrapher is a plastic case that supports and increases the multimedia capabilities of your smartphone. This case also allows a remarkable amount of flexibility in regard to accessories.

This plastic case has several different connection options that allow the phone to further act as a professional capture device. There are mounting threads to allow the iOgrapher to be mounted in a portrait or landscape format. Two cavities along the top of the case allow for different accessories to be attached, such as a microphone and remote flash.

Several different lenses are available, and the two lenses that come with the unit work well. Using a smartphone with just the iOgrapher case attached has more utility than I originally thought. Holding the iOgrapher by handles allows the built-in image stabilization of the iPhone 6 Plus to be even more effective. When the smartphone is connected to the bare iOgrapher case, use of the camera and audio recording applications are pretty much the same, but the iOgrapher has the ability to accessorize and this is where the real fun begins.

The iOgrapher comes with a macro lens and a 2X telephoto lens. Combined with the stock camera of the iPhone 6 Plus, I felt that these lenses gave me plenty of options for still photos or video. For users that want to branch out even further, the manufacturer offers a small listing of other lenses (such as an iOgrapher-branded wide angle lens) on their website. A quick look around the web shows several more options for 37mm lenses which should fit the iOgrapher as well.

I am not a professional photographer or videographer, but once the iOgrapher was connected to a tripod and its macro lens, I was impressed with the results for still images. I have a long way to go when it comes to creating some decent video, but that is not due to any fault with the iOgrapher. Capturing the video is only part of the project, and it is the perfect time to learn more about video editing software and build my technique.

Using the iOgrapher felt empowering. I cannot wait to try this setup on my next vacation. I did not realize that my smartphone camera output could improve with a little extra stability. I believe that anyone that spends a few minutes with the iOgrapher will be able to see a great potential project set alight in their mind. The standard iOgrapher setup could be a great help with family photos, vacation videos, internet broadcasting, and so many other projects that I have not even thought of. With a few accessories attached to it, the iOgrapher is a force to be reckoned with.

As an accessory case, the iOgrapher may look a little silly at times, but the final product can be impressive. Try out an iOgrapher kit at home and let me know what you think!