I used this service a while back when travelling from Livorno, Italy to Ile Rousse, Corsica. This was a really lucky break as normally the ferries which leave from Italy usually only go to Bastia, which means you will then need to travel about 70 km to get to calvi/ile rousse (major tourist destinations). So this was definitely a plus side.
Corsica ferries usually offer great deals on their trips. I paid only about 12 euro round trip for the car itself (which with competing companies it can cost a whole lot more, up in the hundreds of euros) and about 60 euro for each person round trip.
Nowthe boat itself is very nice, the cabins are a bit useless if you travel by day but somewhat a must for comfort when traveling at night, each cabin costs around an additional 30 euro. The food on board is extraordinarily expensive, so I suggest you bring your own food and water in a small backpack, as the trip lasts around 6 to 8 hours you might want something to snack on.

Secondly, another thing you need to take into consideration is the fact that you should get to the docks early so you can be one of the first people to board and as a result actually get a place to sit outside otherwise you risk having to stay inside the whole time or sitting on the floor which isn’t very comfortable. After the ship leaves the dock, about 1 to 2 hours into it they will open the mini pool where one can ‘relax’, assuming there aren’t any kids playing/jumping/screaming around.

As for fun things to do for kuds, well there is a very small arcade with about 5 games, but that gets boring pretty fast. If you have kids make sure you have something to keep them entertained, you have o idea how annoying it is to have bored childrencomplaining the whole time that there isn’t anything to do.

All in all if you need to get to corsica then the corsica ferries are definitley the way to go. There is an airport but the fligths are outrageously expensive and car rentals are not worth the price.
If you don’t mind a long boat trip then this is definitely for you. The best part is that due to the sheer size of the ship itself you will most likely not get even remotly seasick.

I had a great time, the crew was very nice and just as efficients, the ship was fully loaded and unloaded in record speed. If I ever go to Corsica again then this is definitely the way i’ll travel, inexepensive, relatively fast and very efficient.


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