I use herbs for more than just flavoring my food, I have learned to use herbs, spices, and essential oils to help my family stay healthy and happy. The more I try them out and learn what works the more amazing I am at how natural remedies can be as effective as traditional western medicine. But as we live in a rural area hours away from any city that carries a decent assortment of medicinal herbs I turned to online companies.

That’s when I first found out about Bulk Herb Store.
Bulk Herb Store is a company which carries herbs, herbal mixes, books, water filters, how-to videos, clothing accessories, seeds, and much more! Something I really liked on their site and have used several times is a How To page on making a tincture, salve, tea, poultice, and much more! All in an easy to use format.

Here is some information on the owners and their mission

When we were growing up, herbs were like tomatoes. We grew them. We put them up for the winter. We used them daily, and gave concoctions away to other people in need of them. My mother was always teaching us. If we were weeding the garden, she would talk about which weeds were herbs and what those herbs could do. She instilled in us a passion to learn and create.

By the time I (Shoshanna) was 13, my family started the Bulk Herb Store. Quite a few years have passed since then, and my wonderful husband James and I now run the Bulk Herb Store together. Our son Jeremiah James helps pull your orders. At four years old, Jeremiah already can go outside, gather herbs in the wild and know what they are good for. He doesn’t even know he’s growing into a little herbalist, but he is!

At the Bulk Herb Store we provide our homemade concoctions, our experiences, and the tested wisdom of others. We want to do more than sell quality herbs. We want to teach you what we know and inspire you to learn and research beyond that. You can write to us here. Happy herbaling!

Bulk Herb Store has a very good selection of herbs and spices and even teas. I love the water filter they carry and they have some great how to books and videos. The book they sent me for review Making Vegetables Volume 1. This book is a very good start for anyone wanting to grow a garden. It has lots of full color pictures that show you step by step how to do things. I like that because many skills we learn must really be taught by seeing it done. The book is really attractive, which of course doesn’t matter much, but makes it such a pleasure to read. The pictures are really beautiful and I love love love the recipe section in the back. They look so yummy I am bound to try them. Another thing that sets this book apart from the standard gardening books it the focus on using heirloom seeds and growing food organically, which by the way is much cheaper than using expensive fertilizers and pesticides. This book is well worth the money!

I would recommend Bulk Herb Store to anyone looking for herbs, spices, water filters or books and videos on gardening and herbaling.

Review by Christine Mitchell

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