Buddha Teas is an American tea company dedicated to raising the standard when it comes to quality American tea. Based in Carlsbad, California, they have worked tirelessly since their opening in 2009 to expand and diversify the limited offerings of tea available here in America. With classic teas, herbal teas and custom blends, Buddha Teas strives to create a collection unsurpassed in quality and variety.

Brought to life by the ideas of John Boyd, Buddha Teas began with the philosophy that the best teas were those that provided a natural experience and promoted the health and betterment of those who drink them. To that end, they selected tea leaves and herbs that were grown organically or sustainably harvested from the wild, thus eliminating the potential health risks of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Rather than blending the teas with fillers or coating them in preservatives and artificial flavoring, Buddha Teas allows the natural taste of the tea to shine through unaltered, providing the freshest and purest cup of tea possible.

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