How to Be Fit For Life?
Bowflex offered “Less time, max results” with their multi optioned Max Trainer, Home gyms, Home Exercise Equipment so I try to find my solution for home fitness and
I bought my Max Trainer about a month ago and have been using it 2-3 days a week.
I ordered the M7 because I wanted the best – the bells and whistles – performance-wise from my research this is pretty much the same as the M3 and M5 – on a tight budget you could likely get the same results, just fewer bells, whistles, bands of resistance, and programs.
Is beginners can use it?

Although I had previous experience working out with training equipment, this machine does an excellent job of getting me back in my old cardio routine. I find the machine has plenty of settings for novice/beginner and possible to use it and develop a good beginner exercise routine. The incredibly motivating tool that pushes you to challenge yourself in every workout


The max trainer does not fold down.
However, it does have a fairly small footprint. The dimensions for the machine are (49 Length x 30.5″ Width x 65.5 Height) Inches


I love this machine but within a month or so it started to squeak.
I google it. Many people, with many clunking noises. Finding something too tight or not tight enough, or missing a washer is most common. Often at the 90-degree hinge point connecting the handles.
Problem was solved with silicone in on wheels in my case.

Stronger every day. Max Options, Max Performance

I like how many programs there are to choose from and most of them are only 14-15 minutes.
Some are more challenging than others, which is good so you have a choice between a hardcore workout and just staying loose.
This was a great investment for my physical fitness goals. It is true that it is the best in class cardio.


It takes longer than you think – about 2 hours. I just used the provided tools which were fine.
And I assembled it without anyone’s help.
I had to be a tad of a gymnast to hook up the electronics console but it only took a few minutes.


Everything was packed well, and there was no damage in shipping.
The parts were in a blister pack, neatly labeled, and as a nice touch, there were some spare parts (labeled as such) as well – nice!

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