I wanted to tell you guys about this awesome product. I was searching for clip in hair extensions that are thick and good quality. Normally I ordered them online like eBay and stuff and they would come really thin with patches. I needed them quick so I stumbled upon Bombay Hair while searching on google. My budget was around  100£ so I choose Chestnut 220g.  It arrived quickly in the mail, just two days after ordering it, which is awesome as it was an emergency, that was in january.

I do not review anything I don’t believe in. And a lot of you have been asking me about my hair so I decided to make a good post with good comparison. Months have passed since I got them and damage has been done, so I have decided to order another package. This time same colour but 270g. What? Can’t blame a girl for wanting thick hair. I decided to show you the difference between my old ones and new ones.


On the left – 5 months old Bombay Hair extensions chestnut brown 220g. On the right – Brand new Luxury collection Bombay hair extensions Chestnut Brown 270g.

The luxury edition is simply amazing. It is nice and shiny, full in colour and the thickness is LUSH. The presentation and packaging is just so great I felt bad unpacking them. This package is obviously black and more ‘’serious’’. It also contains ‘’sample’’ hair which you are supposed to use on your hair in order to check if the colour fits. If it doesn’t you can return the product. Do not cut the golden laces that are holding the big bundle because you can’t return them then. This is obviously a hygienic protection, so you don’t wear them and return them for someone else to wear.



The old ones are in such good shape I am going to be combining them with the new, but just shortening them a bit so that my hair can merge better and get greter volume. I love volume. You can notice the new ones are obviously thicker at the ends and a bit fuller in volume, as the old ones are 50g less so the ends look a bit rarer , but still quite heavy and thick.

Here is a picture of me with and without. (without make up obviously as well. I know I look underaged without make up and hair, but that is due to my Japanese super powers ).

I really highly recommend Bombay hair. My package came from Canada in 3 days to London !!! How is that even possible? Super quick, great quality and simply a pleasure to wear them. I curl my hair literaly every day so to see them in such a great condition after 5 months is really amazing. Best hair extensions I have ever had. Special thanks to the girls on my instagram that asked me to write about this ,  hope this helped you make your decision.

The review from: https://www.iamella.com/2015/06/02/comparing-my-old-hair-extensions-with-new-ones-bombay-hair/


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