Awesome Maps is the result of a successful Kickstarter, but that was already the 4th map, the first ones were launched in 2009 without any funding. Campaigns were created by Simon Schuetz from Germany, a travel lover (of course he is). Schuetz managed to raised more than USD $56,000 with 1,163 backers. Even though the Kickstarter campaign has ended, these maps are now made available for sale to the general public.

Awesome Maps shows the world’s most unmissable locations in a beautiful way: from classics to genuine insider tips, you simply have to see.

Most of the maps are created in two styles:
– Scratch edition, is covered with a silver foil, similar to a lottery scratch card. Whether you want to discover country by country, make an itinerary or scratch open the whole map at once: at the end, you’ll have a detailed illustrated map with the most beautiful places in the world.
– Rewritable map, where you can mark out with a whiteboard marker your personal favourite places or check off where you’ve already been

That’s why the Awesome Maps products are creative posters for travellers and a very special gift idea for anyone who has the travel bug.
Honest Review of Bucketlistmap from Awesome Maps

I’ve had my Bucketlistmap a couple of days now and here’s what I think.

The map measures 97.5 cm (38 inches) x 56 cm (22 inches). That’s huge. It’s stored safely in a beautiful cylindrical case.

There are four editions to the map, the matte, re-writable, scratch and XXL.

The matte version is printed on 150 lbs art paper with a luxe matte finish that should look great in any light.

The re-writable version has a whiteboard coating that makes the colours more vibrant, and you can write on it to cross out places you’ve been to. Mine’s the re-writable version but I probably won’t be writing on the beautiful artwork.

The scratch version has the map coated with some silver scatch-off layer. You know those scratch-and-win cards? It’s just like that. You can scratch off to reveal the different countries. It should be quite fun to scratch off the countries one by one after you have visited them all.

And then there’s the XXL version that measures 150 cm (59 inches) x 90 cm (35 inches). I didn’t see any XXL version at my local stores, but if you get this on, it’s USD $139. The map is printed on heavy 100% cotton cloth with satin finish surface for brilliant colours and reduced reflection.

The map I have is big, but I can’t imagine how big the XXL version will be.

The artworks are created by Lars Seiffert and Carolin Vogt

Basically, each country will have their main attractions pointed out. For bigger countries such as Canada, several interesting places could be fitted in. For smaller countries, they usually only have one activity drawn out.

Besides the illustrations, there are also pointers on what you can do in the country.

The drawings are very detailed. The overall project is just fun to look at.

As someone who also likes traveling, I find the illustrated places tempting me to visit them.

This is Europe and you can see all the tiny drawings squeezed into the landmass. The printing resolution is quite high and everything still appears sharp.

Australia is definitely one of the places I want to visit as well.

And New Zealand too!

This is how the map looks all framed up.

In addition to the bucklistmap (spelled without spacing for some reason), there are also other maps available, namely kidsmap, surftripmap, West Coast Map, snowtripmap, footballmap and many others.

Review by Teoh Yi Chie

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