I decided to give Alain Dupetit website a chance. Luckily I found one of their 100% wool suits on clearance in my size for just $29. It was too good of a deal to pass up.


As you can imagine I wasn’t expecting much from a $29 suit even if it originally retailed for $150. I was very surprised with its quality. I found the stitching to be of good quality, even the down to the buttons. The material itself didn’t feel cheap. The wool was very soft. The overall quality was good and rivaled if not surpassed suits that you can buy off the rack for a similar price (regular price) or higher.


One of the things with off the rack suits is that you never quite know how its going to fit. I was really impressed with how this suit fits. It has to be the best fitting of the rack suit that I have ever worn. The jacket is a perfect suit for my body. Its borders on the quality of something that has been tailored specifically for me. The pants fit just as well. The fit (at least for me) is perfect.

Overall Impressions

This was an excellent buy at a steal of a price. I am really impressed by this suit. It breeds a quality and fit that has been very much elusive to me when it comes to off the rack suits. This is a purchase that I don’t regret and one that I will most certainly repeat…maybe even at full price.


Review by Websterstyle

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